Sunday, November 15, 2009

To Do

Even though I've been cooking and baking for a long time, and have made many things that my friends think take some skill, there are still more than a few things out there that I'd like to try to make. So, I figured tonight I'll post the start of my list and in the next few months I'll try to make them and post about it here. Might as well start tackling my cooking/baking goals, right?

Here are things I'd like to make/master (all from scratch):
  • pierogis
  • whoopie pies
  • macarons
  • coq au vin
  • beef bourguignon
  • cheese - mozzarella, paneer, cheddar, ricotta
  • caramel corn
  • 100% whole wheat bread
  • sourdough bread (with my own starter)
  • granola/granola bars
  • yogurt
I think that's a good start to a list, if not almost a little too ambitious. This is going to take me a while to get through!

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