Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Quesadilla Time

A couple of weeks ago Aaron and I both went on separate grocery trips on the same day without discussing it, so we both came home with very similar items. Two such items were cheddar cheese and tortillas, so of course I ate quesadillas for lunch every day last week.

Something about me you should know: I will eat anything labeled "quesadilla" or "nachos." Something about cheese and carbs does me in every time (I know I'm not alone in this). I've long had the habit of slapping cheese and some leftovers between tortillas and frying them up, so this is nothing new. I've just never indulged quite so much in one week. However, it was my sixth week postpartum and I promised myself I would eat better and exercise after that point (just ask me how that's going - ha!), so I figured I'd better indulge while I still could get away with it.

The first day I had just a straight up, cheddar and black olives with salsa on the side. Day two had me smushing up an avocado and mixing it with salsa for a quick guacamole, throwing it on top of the cheese, and then topping the whole thing with sour cream when it was done. (Also, as an aside, I miss jalepenos, but the baby has a sensitive stomach, so I've basically had to cut out anything with any spice (or flavor, really, because onions are the number one thing that give her stomach upset).)

The third day, though, I got creative:

(Please forgive the unedited photos - I'm trying to get this done while a certain someone is still asleep.)

This quesadilla was filled with the customary cheese, but then topped with BBQ pulled pork and pickle slices. It was FANTASTIC.

Then on the fourth day, I tried something I've been craving ever since someone brought up the idea:

That would be a mashed potato quesadilla. I switched things up just a little and used American cheese instead of cheddar, and I have to say, I could eat this everyday if it was prudent. Which it's not. Darn it.

On the fifth day I went back to plain cheese, mostly because I was out of leftovers. It was good, but the creative ones were better. 

So tell me, what's your favorite thing to put between two tortillas?


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