Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Coming Attractions

I totally spaced on doing the weekly meal plan this week, but I have a good excuse, I swear. I was busy making pear butter and canning it, which took me two whole days (almost). And I was busy running around town finding appropriate canning equipment (it is apparently not easy to do for a glass-top stove, FYI). But, now I have pear butter, and it is delicious, and a post about it is coming soon.

Also, I'm making pepper jelly some night this week, and there will also be a post about that.

In not-so-coming-attractions news, I made a terribly involved corn chowder, which was delicious, but which also has made me sick twice (due to me and my inability to eat massive amounts of fatty dairy products, not the soup - you'd think I'd learn after the first experience). Even though it was good, I'm sure there are recipes out there that are just as good and which aren't nearly as complicated. So, the search is on, and if I find one I'll share.

I have some recipes I made last week (like roasted tomato soup) that were delicious, but I don't want to post the recipe without the pictures I took and I can't seem to get time on the computer at home, so that's coming too when I finally get time.

Also possibly coming up - pear apple pie, chocolate chess pie, and some sort of pecan pie. I'm still on a pie kick and also testing out recipes for Thanksgiving.

Finally, you'll get some of my favorite recipes that we've made recently - wild rice stuffed acorn squash, piggy pudding, and breakfast sausage rolls. Yum!

So sorry you have to wait for the goodness. I promise it's coming!

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  1. Teasing is mean. ;) Everything sounds delicious!



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