Thursday, November 4, 2010

Frito Pie

Last month on Twitter, I saw The Bloggess mention something about Frito Pie. Curious, I Googled the term and quickly added Fritos to my grocery list. Frito pie is a simple, delicious dish, provided you already have chili and fixin's on hand. Since we were planning to eat chili that weekend, it was perfect timing. I fixed my self a bowl, and it was bliss at first bite. I will definitely be making sure I have Fritos on hand from now on when I make chili. I also think this would be a great recipe for a party, as people could customize their dishes as they like.

Frito Pie

In a bowl, layer following ingredients as desired. Feel free to add in other chili toppings that you might prefer.

Minced Onions
Pickled Jalapeno Slices
Sour Cream (not pictured above, but a delicious addition)

Let sit for a minute to allow cheese to melt, then dive in!


  1. I LOVE this stuff. They used to serve it at our school cafeteria, and they always called it "Texas straw hat." I have no idea where they got that name, but this stuff is amazing!

  2. I'm so shocked that everyone in the universe doesn't know about frito pie but I'm happy to bring it into your life. :)

    Also, nice touch with the avocado.



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