Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monday (OK, OK, Wednesday) Meal Planning 7.29.09

My body got back from Chicago on Sunday afternoon, but I think my brain only just made it back this morning. I spent Sunday and Monday cuddling with Gabbie, and yesterday I was trying to get things back in some semblance of order. Today, though, I’m finally feeling present, although it could just be the extra cup of coffee I’m drinking that’s making all the difference.

Anywho, since I was off gallivanting in Chicago and having fun for four days, I feel like I really owe Aaron a bundle for staying home and keeping things together so well. He and Gabbie had a great time, but even I will agree that having four days of one-on-one one-year-old can be a bit much. In addition to giving him some free time this coming weekend by taking Gabbie up to my parent’s house for a night and day I decided to make some of his favorite meals (including one he didn’t know was a favorite, but ended up loving very, very much). So, this week’s meal plan is full of Aaron’s definition of good eating.

Monday: Slow-Cooker Barbeque Beans and Sausage, Sliced Tomatoes

This recipe is from my new favorite cooking magazine, and is the first recipe I tried from the issue I bought. Gabbie LOVES baked beans more than any other food, so I figured this would be a good meal to put together for when I was gone. I got up at five the morning I left, threw this all in the crockpot, and they had a delicious hot meal when I got home.

I did make a couple of edits to the recipe – I didn’t use the cloves because I didn’t have any, I used Montreal Steak seasoning where it called for barbeque seasoning blend (I feel they were probably looking for something more like Penzey’s BBQ 3000), and I used less sausage than it called for but left them whole. It cooked on low for 10 hours, and came out perfectly. Aaron’s only complaint was that it needed more sausage, so I’ll definitely used the whole portion next time.

Tuesday: Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, Steamed Green Beans

As usual, this is our “house” spaghetti recipe, which basically means a jar of sauce, along with a half package of Italian bulk sausage, a package of sliced mushrooms, and one sliced zucchini, all sautéed before being added to the sauce. Though we usually eat a salad with this meal, I have a ton of green beans to use up from last week’s CSA take (plus more to pick up today) so green beans it is! Here’s hoping Gabbie will get over her anything-green-except-peas aversion.

Wednesday: Chicken Korma, Basmati Rice (made with stock), Naan

Pretty standard Aaron’s favorite fare, with added sautéed zucchini to up the vegetable content (and use more of our CSA abundance).

Thursday: Turkey Pineapple Chili, Corn Bread Muffins - (oh, yeah. I totally did)

This is, hands down, Aaron’s favorite meal, which is fortunate for me because it’s so darn quick. Seriously, 15 minutes and dinner is on the table.

Friday: Pizza

Because after this week I’m going to need a break.

Over the next week or so, I’m going to feature some recipes from a few celebrity chefs I saw (or would have seen if they weren’t 90 minutes late) at Blogher. I was a total fangirl to one, and I’ll tell more when I post the recipes. I even have some pictures!

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  1. Dave Lieberman? Rick Bayless? PAULA DEEN?? Is this typical for BlogHer? Sounds like a food blogger's paradise!

    We're having the BBQ beans and sausage this weekend -- good to know it's still good without the cloves, since I don't have any on hand either.



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