Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Food Magazine Love

Over the years, between those my mom subscribed to when I lived at home and those I’ve subscribed to since, I’ve fallen in love with many, many food magazines. It started out with Taste of Home (which, I have to admit, I mostly perused to try to find that tiny needle hidden in the pages (or was it a carrot?)), then moved on to Cooks Country, America’s Test Kitchen, Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Cooking Light, Gourmet, Rachael Ray Everyday, and my constant favorite over the past few years: Everyday Food from Martha Stewart. I’ve subscribed to each until one of two things happen – 1) I realize I never use any of the recipes, or 2) They start to get a little stale/all the recipes start to look the same. I’m having that problem right now, and so I’ve been on the lookout for a new magazine to which I should subscribe.

After a brief trip to the store at lunch today, I think I may have found THE ONE (or at least, the new one): Food Network Magazine. (I totally just subscribed after less than an hour with the current issue – plus it entered me into a sweepstakes for a $100,000 kitchen makeover, and now that we have the house, I’m all about winning some kind of remodeling sweepstakes). This magazine is seriously fun, and I actually like the non-recipe related articles as much as, if not more than, the recipes. And that’s saying something, since I rarely read the actual articles in most of the food magazines I subscribe to.

Just in case this one issue is a fluke, and the rest of the issues are not any good, I need you to tell me: what is your current favorite food magazine? Which is your all-time favorite? Have you gotten the Food Network Magazine and loved it just as much as I do?

(Also, I’m definitely trying some of the recipes soon. Listen to some of these recipe titles: Mangchego-Stuffed Pork Burgers, Fresh Mozzarella BLT with Pesto, Basil Gnocchi, Onion-Ringed Fried Chicken, and Watermelon Sours served from a watermelon keg (that is so going to happen at my house-warming party!).

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  1. I love Food Network Magazine, too! Like, LOVE it. I promise you that the current issue is not a fluke. The previous one had so many burger recipes I wanted to try in it that it made my head spin. And yes, I will definitely be trying that onion-ringed fried chicken (probably in sandwich form with tartar sauce like they suggest. Yum!).

    Out of the (many) other cooking magazines I subscribe to, I love Everyday with Rachael Ray and Everyday Food the most. I let Bon Appetit and Gourmet lapse, because all of the recipes are available on Epicurious (and I use that site A LOT to find recipe ideas). I'll probably let BHG lapse too when my two years are up, because their website has a much wider selection of recipes than the magazine.



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