Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Meal Planning 7.16.12

Despite being a little jet-lagged, catching up on household chores, and having kids on top of me all day yesterday, I did manage to put together a meal plan for this week  AND I cooked a delicious dinner last night (which both kids refused to eat - grrrr). I amaze even myself, sometimes!

Monday: Chicken Adobo, Broccoli, Fruit

This dish is typically served over rice, but I actually cooked the last of my rice last night (oops!) and I'm determined not to have to do another grocery store run this week, so we'll eat it alongside steamed broccoli and fruit (probably cherries).

Tuesday: Cobb Salad, bread

I'll mix up a dough tonight, and put it in the refrigerator, so it will be all set to bake as soon as I get home from work tomorrow night. My cobb salad will be mostly vegetarian, except for the bacon. You can't have cobb salad without bacon. The girls will probably eat a deconstructed version of the salad, including bacon bits, hard boiled egg, avocado chunks, lettuce, and bread.

Wednesday: Something I can't remember, although I do remember it involves iceberg lettuce. I hate when this happens!

Thursday: Taco Rice

So, about cooking all my rice last night. I made enough mexican rice to feed an absolute army, so we'll be using this as the base of our taco rice this week. Also, I will be eating rice every day for lunch, and possibly as an extra side for every dinner. I really did make that much rice!

Friday: Clean-out-the-refrigerator Grilled Pizza

I have a lot of food in there currently, as well as some things left over for this week, that we'll pile on top of grilled pizza dough and call it dinner.

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